Welcome to SPIRE - the Export Control Organisation's online export licensing system.

Using SPIRE, you can apply for an export or trade licence for your activities and items if you require a licence for the wide range of "strategic" goods (such as security items, military goods, civilian products designed with a military use or purpose, firearms, police and paramilitary goods, radioactive sources and much more). You can also use SPIRE to make a Ministry of Defence Form 680 application, Private Venture security grading or Exhibition Clearance applications.

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At 11pm on 31st December 2020 the transition period ended and EU export control law ceased to apply in Great Britain. However, EU Regulations and Directives relating to strategic export controls continue to apply in Northern Ireland as a result of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland which forms part of the Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU. As a result, the rules that apply to controlled exports will on whether the items are exported from Great Britain or from Northern Ireland. In order to ensure that we are able to issue the correct licence from 1 January 2021 for applications submitted before that date, a response to the following questions on your current application is required.

If the location of your items is in the 'UK', please confirm if the items are located in 'Northern Ireland' or 'Great Britain'.

If your application refers to a 'third party' in the 'UK', please confirm if the 'third party' is located in 'Northern Ireland' or 'Great Britain'.

If your application includes an 'Ultimate End User' in the UK, please confirm if the 'Ultimate End User' is located in 'Northern Ireland' or 'Great Britain'.

Please provide your response within SPIRE and not by a separate E-Mail as this will cause delays to processing your application.

In providing this information you give permission for ECJU to update your application to include the information provided.

If possible, please provide this information within SPIRE via Supplementary Information, and E-Mail your case officer once this has been done. Otherwise, we will have to write to you separately and this might cause delays to processing your application.

In providing this information you give permission for ECJU to update your application on your behalf.

Notices to Exporters

ECO's Notices to Exporters provide news updates on strategic export control issues including changes to legislation and notification of licence amendments or changes to the UK Strategic Export Control Lists. View all newly published Notices to Exporters

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You are kindly reminded to keep your details on SPIRE up to date so that you may be contacted by ECO regarding your application or Licence


General enquiries: email exportcontrol.help@trade.gov.uk or telephone 020 7215 4594

Login problems: email exportcontrol.help@trade.gov.uk

Specific application enquiries: contact your licensing case officer

MOD Form 680 casework issues:
email ECJU-MODTeam@mod.gov.uk